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Monday, April 17th

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We will reopen at 8 am on Tuesday, April 18th.

Want your puppy to be a rock star?

Then become a student of the Mr. Dog Training Puppy Academy!

Have a new puppy and want to get off on the right paw? This class is just right for you and your pup!

The first Puppy Academy Session will take place at the new Sunray Animal Clinic starting on Tuesday, May 2nd at 7pm. The class will meet once a week on Tuesday evenings for 45 minutes for 4 weeks.

In addition to the usual “puppy playtime” to promote proper socialization, this series of classes will provide an invaluable opportunity for socialization in a Veterinary office; a place, that is often stressful for a dog and where he will visit at least once a year for the rest of his life. We will give ample opportunity for your dog to build positive experiences with a routine exam, getting on the scale, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and gentle medical restraint. In addition, we will cover basic impulse control exercises to prevent jumping up and promote polite greetings as well as exercising impulse control with food. 

Basic obedience instruction, including cues such as sit, down, recall and focus, as well as discussions on loose leash walking will also be covered. We will also have discussions to help with those puppy bad habits like nipping and mouthing, chewing, and barking.
Frequency & Duration: 45 min once a week for 4 weeks.
Class capacity: 6 students
Class cost: $60
Class includes: Homework, Problem Solving Handouts, and Certificate of Completion.

Course prerequisites: Puppies must be between 8-14 weeks at the start of class, must have received two rounds of vaccines, including kennel cough, and been in your home for at least 10 day prior to the first class. Puppies must be able to be handled by a friendly stranger and must be able to work safely around people and other dogs on and off leash.

Spring is here (we think)! 

Time to check for heartworm disease -

schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!

It’s March—springtime is around the corner! Worms in your garden…and worms in your pet? Eeew! Hold on, let’s explain…

The worms you find in your garden mulch are not the same worms that cause heartworm disease in pets. Mosquitoes carry heartworms. And all it takes is one mosquito to bite your pet to become infected.

Here’s the good news about heartworm disease. It’s an illness that can be easy and affordable to prevent. The bad news is, if you don’t prevent it the right way, your pet is at high risk of getting sick. Heartworm disease is dangerous to your pet and some signs of the illness are tough to spot. Your pet may be acting fine, but they may have so many heartworms inside their body that it can become life threatening.

You may be thinking, “my pet stays indoors, so there’s no need for heartworm prevention.” But, heartworms are carried by mosquitoes, which get into everyone’s homes! One mosquito bite is all that’s needed to spread the disease to your furry friend. And yes, heartworm disease is a problem here in Maine.

Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup with us. We’ll do a thorough exam, including a simple heartworm test, to make sure your pet is at his/her optimum health. And we’ll talk about the best way to prevent heartworm disease, so your pet stays healthy, happy and safe!

Make an appointment for your pet’s annual exam today!


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